• "So deeply do we care for you that we are determined to share with you not only the gospel of God 
    but also our own selves, because you have become very dear to us."

    1 Thessalonians 2:8 (NRSV)

    As a body, we are committed to preaching the gospel, creating an atmosphere that welcomes seekers and addresses the needs of our community.  We work as well to equip believers to do the same in their individual lives – including effectively sharing their faith with friends and acquaintances.  Because we desire to see people from all realms of life and circumstances become disciples of Christ, our congregation has a long history of faithfully supporting missionaries and missions both locally and throughout the world.

    Local Opportunities

    La Habra Hills Presbyterian church (LHHPC) hosts “His Picnic” every Sunday afternoon on the south lawn of the church. “His Picnic” is a community outreach supported by four churches in the area, including the Vineyard Fellowship of Anaheim, St. Martin’s Catholic of Yorba Linda, Yorba Linda Presbyterian Church and LHHPC.  HIS Picnic started in 1986, and came to LHHPC in October of 2009.  His Picnic consists mainly of a sit-down lunch and grocery distribution to the “working poor.”  The lunches are provided by the four churches on a rotating basis. In January, 2010, the “Neighbor to Neighbor” program, sponsored by LHHPC nursing professionals was added.  Neighbor to Neighbor is held on the second Sunday of each month to provide basic medical assistance, such as blood pressure readings, to anyone attending “His Picnic.”  More recently a Sunday School for the children has been started, as well as a spiritual message for adults prior to lunch to share the Word with those attending.  All are welcome to join us in serving the community in this way.

    We also provide volunteer staffing, canned good and toiletries, and funding to the La Habra Community Resource and Care Center (CRCC).  CRCC is the one of the primary sources for assistance to the hungry and people in crisis in theLa Habra area. It is an organization that was founded in part through the efforts of various churches in the community, including LHHPC. During the holiday season, we provide food and Christmas gifts to individual needy families in the community.

    Regional Opportunities
    We take a minimum of three short-term mission trips annually to Cerro Azul in Baja California. There we provide food and clothing, offer free medical clinics, serve community lunches, and help with construction/repair projects in the surrounding community. Our Youth groups participate in some of these mission trips and minister to the children of Cerro Azul with games, music and other learning activities that teach the gospel of God. Check the Calendar and join us on the next scheduled mission trip to Cerro Azul.

    Our next trip is scheduled for Saturday, November 10. This will be a one day trip to provide a community lunch, medical clinic and deliver supplies. If you are interested in going, contact Doug Whyte (562) 697-3187.

    World-wide Opportunities
    We support seventeen missionary families in Asia, North and Central America, Africa, the Middle East and Europe. We have ongoing missions in Amsterdam, Kenya and The Philippines and provide annual financial support.  Mission Committee member Gail Wille went to Togo, West Africa from June to September 2012 to help with our mission there. Our church sends Deacon Prescila Brown to our Philippine mission each year. Missions Coordinator, Doug Whyte, has been to Kenya and Tanzania five times as part of our ongoing work with East Africa Partnership focusing on developing agriculture in these countries. You may participate in these missions in any number of ways… anywhere from supporting these missions with prayer and/or financial resources to spending weeks or months on overseas mission assignments.

    The One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS)

    Immediately following World War II, Protestant churches in the U.S.made appeals for the relief and reconstruction of areas devastated by the war, primarily inEurope.  In 1949 these separate appeals were combined into a program called The One Great Hour of Sharing, which continues to this day.  From the beginning, this has been an ecumenical effort.  As denominations changed and merged, OGHS has varied from eight to 29 participating communions.  While each denomination allocates its gifts differently, all use their funds for disaster relief, refugee assistance and development aid.  Today, projects supported by OGHS are under way in more than 100 countries, including theUnited States.  In recent years, Presbyterians have given about $10 million annually.

    OGHS funds go to three different places.  Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) enables us to witness the healing love of Christ to families affected by disasters.  In 2011, PCUSA financial gifts of approximately $6.9 million helped meet immediate and long-term recovery needs around the world in 16 countries and 36 states.

    In the U.S., PDA responses included expenditures of $2.1 million primarily for the devastating tornadoes in Alabama and Joplin, Missouri, wildfires in Arizona and Texas, and the extensive flooding from Hurricanes Irene and Lee in the Northeastern United States.  PDA National Response Team (NRT) visits were made to 43 presbyteries and synods affected by disasters, including the tragic shooting in Tucson, Arizona and the gas line explosion and fire in San Bruno, California.

    Internationally, PDA responses totalled $4.9 million, including for the devastating earthquake and nuclear crisis in Japan, for typhoons in the Philippines, and famine and drought in the Horn of Africa.  Additionally, PDA continues to minister to families still displaced by the January 12, 2010 earthquake in Haiti.  Ongoing food security programs supported more than 12,200 families in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Malawi.

    In 2011, at least 6,950 volunteers stayed at Presbyterian Volunteer Villages serving on disaster recovery short-term mission trips.  These volunteers contributed 237,111 hours of labor.

    OGHS funds also are used for the Presbyterian Hunger Program.  In 2011, 3.2 tons of food were delivered to Africa, Asia and Larin America.  Grants totalling $1.3 million were also given to  churches and Presbyteries within all 13 of our Synods in the USA.The third recipient of OGHS funds is the Self Development of People Program.  Organizations apply to presbyteries for grants.  In 2010, 62 such grants were awarded.

    At LHHPC, One Great hour of Sharing is a once-a year, voluntary offering which we take on Easter Sunday.  Over the past 5 years, LHHPC’s gifts to OGHS have been as follows:  2011: $3360; 2010: $3061; 2009: $2969; 2008: $2926; 2007: $2505.

  • The worship of God is the gathered church’s primary activity, pursued with Biblically-motivated zeal and offered in reverence with humility, sincerity, and joy. We strive to ensure that the corporate worship of the body of believers at La Habra Hills Presbyterian Church is participatory, genuine, directed towards God, and is accessible to people of varied ages and backgrounds.

    Our congregation is one of varying ages and backgrounds. In deference to one another, we seek to make worshiping God together something to be anticipated, not simply endured. We want everyone who attends to participate rather than observe. Therefore, we try to make our worship together a time where anyone who desires to worship is able to do so. Here are some of the principles we follow:

    Corporate worship is participatory, directed by God’s people toward God rather than by performers toward observers.

    Genuine worship, when observed, is a powerful witness; therefore, the purpose and components of corporate worship should be clearly understandable to those who are seeking to know Him.

    Corporate worship should include music that has historically been part of our worship tradition. It is equally important to continually introduce new music that is appropriate to our congregation and our purposes.

    We strive to integrate contemporary and historical worship elements into our corporate worship. We want our worship to be accessible to people of varied ages and backgrounds.

    Opportunities for Involvement

    The Chancel Choir is one of the principal leaders of our congregational worship and meets Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m. in the Sanctuary. Musical experience is not required for those willing to learn and committed to regular attendance.

    The Handbell Choir meets Wednesdays at 6:15 p.m. in the Sanctuary. They provide regular accompaniment for congregational singing as well as special selections. Particularly regular commitment is helpful for this group. For information, contact Beverly Worcester via the church office.

    The Worship Team is made up of vocalists and instrumentalists who lead congregational singing on Sunday mornings. This group is typically composed of more experienced musicians by audition or invitation.

    Ushers and Greeters have an important ministry of welcoming guests, as well as regular attendees, and assisting them with directions or other physical needs. For additional information, contact the church office.

    Audio/Visual System operation is an essential part of any service. We are always looking for additional people willing to learn how to set up and operate our sound, lighting and projection systems.

    Communion Preparation for our 10-12 communion services each year is a great opportunity to help on a less frequent basis. This takes a couple of hours and can easily be learned.

    The various music and worship ministries of LHHPC are open to anyone High School aged and above. Younger persons are welcome based on ability. Please contact David Kennedy if you are interested.

    I rejoiced with those who said to me, “Let us go to the house of the Lord.”

  • Sunday Morning Children’s Ministries

    Sunday School – 9:00 AM

    Children’s Sunday school classes are held during GIFT (Growing In Faith Together) hour while their parents attend Adult Education Classes. This is a great time of growth and learning about God’s love and hearing stories from the Bible. Children visiting La Habra Hills Presbyterian Church (LHHPC) for the first time are invited to attend any one of the following classes located in the Preschool building based on their age group:

    Room 16– Preschool through 1st Grade
    Room 17 – 2nd through 5th Grade

    Worship and Children’s Chapel – 10:00 AM

    Children are invited to join their parents in the sanctuary for the beginning of the worship service. During the Children’s Chat, children are called to gather in the front of the church for a short kid-friendly message relating to the sermon topic. While the Children’s Chat is designed for kids, it is enjoyed by the whole congregation.

    Children’s Chapel occurs each Sunday immediately following the Children’s Chat. Leaders will guide Preschool through 5th grade children from the sanctuary to the church Library. Parents visiting LHHPC with children are welcome to join them. After worship we simply ask parents to sign their children out when they pick them up from Children’s Chapel.

    Nursery care for infants and childcare for preschool and toddlers is also provided.

    Kids’ Christmas Choir (September – December)

    Children ages 1st through 6th Grade are invited to join the Joyful Noise Choir, which performs a Christmas musical each December. Starting in the Fall, choir practice is held during the 10:00 AM worship service, instead of Children’s Chapel. After the children hear the Children’s Chat, they will be dismissed to attend choir practice in the Library.

    While the Joyful Noise Choir practices each fall, Preschoolers and Kindergarteners attend their own class in Room 11. They will have the opportunity to participate in the Christmas Musical as well, by practicing with the Cherub Choir.

    The Christmas Musical is directed by Kelly Haraguchi and a team of additional volunteers.  Contact Jerry Haraguchi (LHHPCfamily@gmail.com) for more information.

    Midweek Activities

    Story Club (Preschool – 5th Grades)

    Story Club is held each Wednesday evening from 6:00 – 7:30 PM. We will be following a curriculum called The Story for Children, which works through Biblical narratives chronologically using interactive storytelling and activities. Kids will enjoy learning about the most widely read book of all time!

    Family Nights & Other Family Activities

    These are opportunities for families of all ages and stages to connect with one another and build deeper relationships. We gather for various activities (fun, games, learning, and of course, food) throughout the year. Our desire is to continue developing as a community that can encourage and walk with one another as families. Donations to support these ongoing events are always appreciated.


    Encounter is a monthly night of worship and prayer where all ages gather to encounter the grace and mercy of God and one another. It is child and family-friendly, starting off with a Bring Your Own Meal Family Dinner in the church Social Hall, followed by a time of worship and prayer led by our young adults. We close the evening by deepening relationships over coffee and cookies.

    Vacation Bible School

    Each year in June, the church sponsors a Vacation Bible School program for children from the age of 3 through 6th grade. Vacation Bible School is a week-long program that begins at 5:30 PM and ends at 8:00 PM . Dinner is included. The program ends with a performance by the children during the next Sunday worship service. Each year, a different Bible verse or story is selected as the theme for the program, which is designed for children to learn more about the word of God and His love as well as develop new friendships and of course, have some fun! This is a perfect opportunity for children who do not regularly attend LHHPC to participate in this program and for their parents to become acquainted with our church family.

    Additional Information

    In order for your child to participate in Children’s Ministries and other activities sponsored by LHHPC, please complete and sign a Liability and Parental Consent form each year. The completed form should be returned to Larissa Osborn, Director of Children’s Outreach (LHHPCchildren@gmail.com) or to Jerry Haraguchi, Director of Family Ministry (LHHPCfamily@gmail.com).


  • Website: www.lhhpcyouth.org

    Junior High Group : The Canopy
    Wednesday nights at 6:00 PM

    Senior High Group : Emerge
    Wednesday nights at 7:30 PM

    Serving students can be a messy, crazy, beautiful, frightening, glorious and divine experience. It’s a daily journey into the unknown, a place filled with radical joy and devastating pain. We believe that in the eye of this youthful hurricane there stands a God who is so great, so loving, so grand, and so pure that he can redeem, restore and renew anyone who follows down His path. Our goal at LHHPC is to bring kids face to face with the Lord so that they may look in His eyes, know that they are loved and chase after Him with every breath of their life. We want to help kids discover the passions the Lord has put in their hearts and help them cultivate their gifts as they journey closer to Him (Ecc. 11:9-10). While this ministry is based off of all of scripture, there are four key areas which predominantly make us the backbone of its theology: Deuteronomy 11, Hebrews 11, Ecclesiastes 11, and Matthew 5. This mentality can also be explained through three ministerial mindsets:

    1. Holistic Approach to Ministry: ministry that encompasses all aspects of a student’s life including but not limited to school, home, church, extracurricular activities, and peer clusters (including all of their relationships therein, i.e. mom, dad, siblings, teacher, friend, etc.). Longevity is a critical element of holistic ministry.

    2. Incarnational Ministry: Building off of the concept that Christ became incarnate in order to strengthen our relationship with him by spending physical time with us – incarnational ministry is built upon holistically spending time with students to display Christ to them.

    3. Third Culture: The mindset and will to love learn and serve in any culture even in the midst of pain and discomfort. (As coined by Dave Gibbons – Newsong Church, Irvine)

    These concepts help frame a lifestyle that exists both in the church walls and outside of it. It exists on Sunday morning during our worship service as well as in high energy partys in the youth room on Wednesday nights. It exists throughout the week at programs on various school campuses, at retreats and camps throughout the year and during a variety of outreach and spiritual development events. This lifestyle is who we are and we would be totally stoked if you would join us on this adventure!

    For more information or questions about who we are, please contact Youth Minister, Jeremy Ryan, at lhhpcyouth@gmail.com.

  • Resonate

    Sunday nights at 6:30 PM

    A community of faith engaging the truth of Scripture and allowing it to resonate through our lives. This group of young adults desires to deeply experience and live out the truth of Scripture. Join us on Sunday nights at 6:30 at the Haraguchi home for a time of worship, study, and relationship.

    To keep in touch with Resonate, check us out on Facebook.

    Other Events

    Family Nights & Other Family Activities

    These are opportunities for families of all ages and stages to connect with one another and build deeper relationships. We gather for various activities (fun, games, learning, and of course, food) throughout the year. Our desire is to continue developing as a community that can encourage and walk with one another as families. Donations to support these ongoing events are always appreciated.


    Encounter is a monthly night of worship and prayer where all ages gather to encounter the grace and mercy of God and one another. It is child and family-friendly, starting off with a Bring Your Own Meal Family Dinner in the church Social Hall, followed by a time of worship and prayer led by our young adults. We close the evening by deepening relationships over coffee and cookies.

    If you are interested in joining the Encounter Worship Team, contact Jerry Haraguchi, Director of Family Ministries(LHHPCfamily@gmail.com)