GIFT Hour – Sundays at 9am

Ken Way on Ruth
January 21 – February 11

The Book of Ruth really tells the story of God. Ruth, Boaz and Naomi should not be viewed merely as heroes or heroines for us to emulate. They are rather the “bit players” in God’s drama. The main focus is on what God is doing in and through these characters. If God is the primary actor, then his presence, actions and plans must serve as the foundation for understanding this story. The book of Ruth reveals God as one who cares for the needy, expects his people to care for the needs of others and blesses those who reflect his character by doing so. The story therefore offers an contrast to the dark picture painted in the book of Judges and it confirms that God providentially preserves faithful families who become the ancestors of King David and, eventually, Jesus Christ.

Dr. Kenneth Way is a professor of Old Testament at Talbot School of Theology and taught the first of the annual January GIFT Hour classes that we began several years ago. We are delighted that he has agreed to return and teach a four week class on Ruth beginning January 21, 2018. His commentary on Judges and Ruth was recently published, in which he gave special recognition to our congregation and the time he spent teaching here. We hope that you will make the time to start the new year by taking advantage of this great opportunity to learn from a gifted teacher.
We will meet in the Social Hall.

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